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Countdown Calendar!

on October 7, 2012

I made this countdown calendar a year ago for a wish kiddo who went on Disney Cruise.  It was a bit expensive, but cut me some slack, this was my first one. 🙂


I bought clear little boxes from Packaging Specialties.  I think they were about $1 each.  He LOOOOOOOOVED Pokemon Black and White so I bought little Pokemon figurines from Ebay for about $30.  They looked something like this:

vikram pokemon

Then I bought Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper and cut them so they would fit the front of the clear boxes and stamped and embossed numbers on each one.


I filled each box with what we called “sizzle” or spring fill so he couldn’t peek in the boxes.  I got this from Packaging Specialties too, and it was only about $5 for a bag at the store.  I stuck a Pokemon figurine in each box and hot glued the boxes to a piece of foam core.  Then I sent it to my wish kiddo with the instructions to open one box each day before his trip, counting down from number 28.

At his wish presentation a week before he left for his trip, he told me how excited he was everyday to see which Pokemon character he would uncover.  He and his friends would try to peak in the boxes to see if they could tell which Pokemon it was.

It was a great way to help him count down the last few days before his trip and he was even able to save the board to use it to display all of his new Pokemon figurines.

It was totally worth all the time and money because he had AN amazing trip.   He even gave me and my co-volunteer beautiful flowers. 🙂



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