cupcakes & wishes. my two favorite things.

Calling it an AMAZING birthday present(s) would be an understatement…

on December 12, 2012

I just have to say, Cortney and Randy are awesome friends.  Well, Randy didn’t really have a choice.  He has become so crafty thanks to Cortney.  Bet he never thought he’d enjoy going to Paper Source or that we would send him on Joann’s runs to pick up more tulle for tutus.  Let me tell you about the birthday gifts they gave me…

The day before my birthday, Cortney stopped by the Make-A-Wish office to drop something off for the Gala and she also dropped a bag of birthday goodies.  She explained that they were numbered and I was supposed to open them at that time.

Enough gifts to last me the entire work day from 8am-5pm.

Enough gifts to last me the entire work day from 8am-5pm.

8:00 AM

IMG_7305     IMG_7307
Even though the cookie was broken, I knew this was 8am by process of elimination.  She knows there is no better way to start the morning off than with coffee.  And these peppermint Via’s are amazing!  She knows because I sent her a packet in the mail. 🙂

9:00 AM

IMG_7309     IMG_7311

I’ve been wanting some of this cute string, but have been too cheap to buy it for myself.  Love all the colors!

10:00 AM

IMG_7316      IMG_7317

She knows I love my Post-Its.  And she said she got these because she thought I probably think “WTF” a lot to myself at work.  She’s right.

11:00 AM

IMG_7321     IMG_7322

I had just seen these Junior Mints at Paper Source the day before and wanted them but told myself not to buy them!  Yummmm!

12:00 PM

IMG_7323I had to “open” this one a little early because we had lunch reservations at Boka at 12.  This one wasn’t wrapped for obvious reasons.  I’m really excited for it though.  I think I’ll use it for crafting and not actually for wrapping gifts.  It’s too pretty to use as wrapping paper!

1:00 PM

IMG_7327      IMG_7328

We got back from lunch late, so I had to open this one a little later.  Homemade cards and gift tags!  LOVE IT!  Perfect for when I’m too lazy to take out my own crafting supplies but I need a card…

2 :00 PM

IMG_7329     IMG_7331

This one was really heavy.  It was also one of my faves and I literally cracked up out loud.  Cortney follows me on Pintrest, and I pinned a holiday drink that I thought sounded tasty, especially since it was alcohol-free.  She printed out the pin and included all of the ingredients I would need for the drink.  This was my 2PM gift because she figured the coffee would have worn off by now and I’d be in dire need of another refreshment.

3:00 PM

IMG_7332      IMG_7334

Cute paper, a cupcake stamp, and washi tape!  I was told that Cortney couldn’t pick between 3 different kinds of washi tape, so Randy ended up picking this one of the 3 for me.  Love the chevron pattern and love the colors!  Reminds me of rainbow sherbert!  I’ve never used washi tape before so I can’t wait to test it out.  The possibilities are endless.

4:00 PM

IMG_7335     IMG_7336

Another funny gift thanks to Pintrest.  I pinned what I thought was a cute nail polish idea…nail polish with coordinating craft glitter.  So Cortney gave me a couple of nail polishes and matching glitters.  Can’t wait to try it out!  I would try it now if I hadn’t just painted my nails.

5:00 PM

IMG_7337      IMG_7340

Last but not least.  Cortney and I talk about intellectual books we like to read like “The Kite Runner” or “The Glass Castle” or Emily Giffin’s series.  I mentioned that my sister read Ellen’s book and loved it and I wanted to read it, just haven’t yet.  So she bought it for me because it would be a good book for the bus.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by the fun-ness and generosity of this gift.  This would be great to do to a wish kiddo.  Wrap a handful of gifts and have them open one when they get to the airport, one when their plane takes off, one when they get to their hotel room, one their last breakfast on their vacation, etc…

Thank you so much, Cortney and Randy, for making my work day on my birthday so much more bearable.

A little sweaty.

A little sweaty.


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