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Too smart for toys and stuff…

on May 5, 2013

My recent wish kid, Grady, is a smarty.  Way smarter than me (not that its that difficult).  He wished to go to Washington D.C.  He even figured out that he would be in Washington D.C. during the prime time for the cherry blossoms.

We knew that Grady was too mature for a traditional countdown calendar, or even a send-off backpack full of toys.  Toys and things just weren’t for him.  He liked newspapers, museums, and technology (Apple, not Microsoft).  So, inspired by my last birthday gift from Cortney and Randy, we decided to give Grady a special backpack of gifts and gave him a list of times he was supposed to open them.


PRESENT 1: Sunday Morning (the day he leaves Seattle), once your plane is in the air

IMG_7378      IMG_7371

He loved this smart kind of stuff.

PRESENT 2: Monday Morning, after you wake up


I forgot to take a picture of this one wrapped.  Postcard stamps and a pen.  He had family that wanted to pay their own way to join him on his trip but couldn’t get the time off from work, so I figured he could send them a postcard. 🙂

PRESENT 3: Tuesday night, before you go to bed

IMG_7377     IMG_7369

I knew he’d be visiting a LOT of museums, so I found this fun album on Amazon so he could save his ticket stubs and add pictures later.

PRESENT 4: Wednesday night, while you are waiting for dinner to be served to your table

IMG_7380      IMG_7372

My co-volunteer found these at a store at Bellevue Square.  Grady is such a smarty.

PRESENT 5: Thursday morning, after you eat breakfast

IMG_7383      IMG_7373

Another puzzle from Bell Square.

PRESENT 6: Friday night, after you pack up all of your suitcases

IMG_7381      IMG_7374

His favorite game was Monopoly.  I thought this might be a fun travel game for the plane ride back home.

PRESENT 7: Saturday evening (the day he flies home), once the movie starts on the plane

IMG_7382      IMG_7367

Grady’s favorite snacks.  You can’t watch a movie without snacks.

PRESENT 8: Saturday night, when the shuttle drops you off at home

I forgot to take a picture of this gift.  I wrapped a framed photo of his family with us volunteers and wrote a note on the back of the frame.  I handed it to him at the airport so he could open it when he got home.

This was a fun version of a countdown calendar/send-off backpack for an older, mature kid.  Happy wishes!


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