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Make-A-Wish has some CRAZY volunteers…

on May 18, 2013

I’m not sure how Cortney always convinces me to partake in her crazy ideas.  We are currently working on a wish for a teenager named, Marri.  At this point, she is undecided on her wish.  She is debating between wishing to meet Justin Bieber or go to Australia.

We wanted to make a thinking of you gift for Marri.  Our original idea was to orchestrate an elaborate flash mob with all of our friends to a Biebs song and we were going to contact Nathan Adrian (her favorite athlete) and ask him to record a little message to use at the beginning.


Then we got real.  We sat down and made a list of all of her favorite things.  Justin Bieber.  Nathan Adrian.  Gorditos in Greenwood.  Bagels.  Purple.  Then we got together to incorporate all of that into a video.  The only way we could think to incorporate Australia into the video was to include a “Finding Nemo” scene.

IMG_7405This was Liz’s idea.  It was genius.

IMG_7403    IMG_7404
My living room became the Great Barrier Reef.

   IMG_7407   IMG_7408
We also had to make Bieber and Nathan masks to use later.

IMG_7410Tadd was amazing videographer.  We didn’t really give him any guidance, but he always gets the best shots.  And he makes a great Nathan Adrian. 😉

     IMG_7411     IMG_7413

The next scene was at Gorditos in Greenwood.  We were pretty embarrassed dancing outside at the beginning because it’s located on a busy road and there were LOTS of cars staring at us.  And then we would forget the lyrics to the song and start laughing.  It was Cortney’s idea to serenade a Gorditos’ famous baby-sized burrito during the “Baby” section of the remix.  So we created eyes in our burrito out of Tadd’s sauce and cut a mouth into it so we could cradle it and feed it a bottle.

IMG_7414  IMG_7417

IMG_7415Poor burrito baby.  It was delicious.

The next scene was shot at the waterfront.  But it started raining so we had to just hurry and film and get inside.  So sadly, no photos.  After the waterfront, we stopped by the Make-A-Wish office so we could film in front of the Make-A-Wish logo in the front office.

IMG_7420It took a few tries to get these shots right, but we got it eventually.

IMG_7422     IMG_7424

Filming took almost a full day, but it was totally worth it.  We hope Marri loves it as much as we loved making it.  The link to the video is below.  We also put together a short video of some behind the scenes footage.  The thing with music videos is that since you only have to use the video and not any of the original audio, the original audio can be pretty funny.

We’re thinking of you, Marri! video
Bloopers from Marri’s video


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