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“Just Like You”

on September 11, 2013

Even though this has nothing to do with wishes or cupcakes, I promised Yvette that I would blog about a movie I made exactly 3 years ago (wow…  has it REALLY been that long?!).  I have always been interested in video production and ever since Tadd made his first film, I had been itching to make my own.  I had had an idea for a movie in my head for awhile, so in the summer of 2011, I finally wrote the script.  It was basically about a nerd who likes a girl who is attracted to jocks so he learns to play a sport the only way he knows how – with video games.  Of course it didn’t go as planned for him.  After I wrote the script, I realized I needed someone to “nerdify” it for me.  There was an entire section that needed video game jargon.  Fortunately, Tadd told me I knew of a hard core video gamer…Arthur.  I had no idea.  I gave him the script and he nerdified it better than I could have ever imagined.

Here’s Just Like You, back on YouTube.  Bloopers are YouTube too.  I have the greatest friends.  The only payment they received for their participation was food.  Thank you Arthur for helping me write the script.  Thank you Raeya and Yvette for the costumes and for being excited about this project with me.  Thank you Yaochiem for your impeccable acting skills (we better hang out soon before I ask you to be in another movie).  Thank you Marissa, Roy, David, Lexter, Carly, and Brent for being the most talented extras ever.  And last but certainty not least, thank you Tadd.  Had it not been for your encouragement and perseverance, I probably would have given up before filming even began.  You kept your cool when I couldn’t and you have an unbelievably amazing eye for cinematography.

Here are some random facts about Just Like You:

  • All of the characters were named for a reason or were named after people: Harold To (because his nickname would be “Harry To”), Hannah Kuso (because “hanakuso” means booger in Japanese), Tristian (he was my “little boy” and favorite customer from Sushi Land), Justin (I knew he was going to be sorta a jerk, so I named him after Justin Timberlake.  Not sure why, but in my head, JT has always been a jerk even though I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice guy).

nerdy yao & missy

  • Because Hannah smells like “the perfect concoction of sunshine and summer picnics,” she is wearing yellow in EVERY scene.

raeya costume check2    raeya's sunshine back

  • I had 9 pages of storyboards drawn, which, if you know me says a lot since I LOATHE drawing.  I attempted to film the first few shots I drew from my storyboard and then got overwhelmed.  Tadd swooped in and took over just about all of the filming for me.  If he was in the scene, he would explain the shot to me before we recorded his scene.

raeya & yao ugly

  • The fantasy scene wasn’t supposed to be filmed in the rain, but it was the last day before Raeya had to go back to school and it poured.  I was really disappointed with the weather, but thanks to Tadd’s amazing cinematography skills, it ended up working out better than if it was sunny!

yao & raeya wet

  • The props on Harold’s desk that weren’t really Yaochiem’s, they were Arthur’s, including the World of Warcraft boxes, multiple calculators, and the box of Benadryl.  Yup.  Arthur said “don’t nerds have allergies?”  I don’t know so I just took his word for it.

harold's math shirt

  • I bought Harold’s glasses from Ebay.  I didn’t realize they were being shipped from China so it took a little longer than I expected to get them.  But they ended up being the best $3 I ever spent.nerd glasses
  • Tadd improvised the scene of them dressing Yaochiem in the fantasy.  Totally unscripted, but by far one of the funniest scenes of the entire movie.

tadd, yao, raeya, yvette WET!

  • Yaochiem was always my first choice to play Harold, but I hadn’t talked to him in about 5 years before I asked him to be in the movie.  I miss you, Yaochiem!

yao as nerd               yao makeup

  • The scenes on the field when it was sunny took about 8 hours straight to film.

arthur & tadd sleeping

  • Raeya had to change at the field on the rainy day.  Instead of providing a luxury trailer for her to change in, I provided her with the backseat of my car.  Luckily my windows are tinted.

raeya, yvette, ja9 get ready

  • Bubble blowers are very hard to find in September because the summer stuff is mostly gone.  I ended up finding 2 of them at Rite Aid in Burien on clearance.  Carly and Brent didn’t know when we were hanging out that day that I’d be putting them to work.brent & carly bubbles

Hope you enjoy Just Like You!


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